If you already decided to loose some weight then read about very strong motivational sources that can help you to maintain such position. Loosing even a modest amount of weigh may do a big difference.
According to the newest discussions about obesity problems was revealed that losing weight is effective not only for your heart, but it’s good for your libido too. The findings about participants who lost about 13% of their body weight in two years and showed significant results in their sexual experience were presented in scientific meeting of the North American Association for the Study of Obesity (NAASO). Studies shows that drastic amounts of weight are not necessary to lose.

Such a problem arises because many individuals often relate their sexuality with body proportions. Experimental results showed that even 75% of participants report that they experienced sexual problems which were found to be connected with such criterions as - lack of desire and enjoyment, difficulty in performing, and avoiding opportunities for sexual encounters. Still, there is a great evident that usually the problem exists among women more often than men.Women’s feelings about their sexuality were proved according to their reports where they confessed feeling unattractive or being unwilling to be seen naked by their partners.

An experiment was made at a medical center in Minnesota several years ago. There was examined the data collected from 187 obese dieters who mostly were women and the average of weight was 248 pounds. Participants followed a weight-loss program that included dietary counseling and prescription weight-loss medications for two years. After three months dieters lost about 12% weight on the average and reported improvements in all areas of sexual quality of life. The biggest improvements were achieved in sexual attractiveness, willingness to be seen undressed and sexual desire.

To be certain about this resolution to lose some pounds you should not think about tremendous social pressure in our society to be thin, because it doesn’t give anything good. Actually, this is one of the major reasons why the majority of women feel sexually unattractive because of their body weight.

One of clinical psychologist and director of behavioral health at the Duke Diet and Fitness Center claims the most important is the quality of our life improvements which can help inspire us and motivate to keep losing weight further - “If people experience benefits and rewards from weight loss and healthy efforts, it may help motivate them to continue ..." he said.
Moreover, the study showed that it not only matter about medication or drugs treatment to lose your weight and recover the positive feelings about yourself. It is about the different sense of living, healthy food, trainings and pleasure. Every women or men can motivate the self in a different way but it always on their own to decide weather they want to feel better and invest some efforts and time hoping particular results or weather they lack any of motivation when nobody can actually help them to change.