The use of the placenta essence in making cosmetics is considered as one of the most striking and marvelous innovations nowadays. Products with placenta are highly valued because of their great effect on skin.

The placenta is the lining of the womb that is expelled after birth. It is claimed that it is rich in nutrients. This is because the placenta is where the foeutus receives nourishments. Placenta cosmetics is believed to have a lot of benefits for the skin. It helps to maintain skin's youth and increases its vitality and elasticity. Manufacturers of cosmetics believe that the cells extracted from the placenta promote the stimulation of tissue growth and remove wrinkles. Thus, placenta is a very effective and popular anti - ageing product.

Additionally, it has been proven that natural skin care products with cell extracts (e.g. placenta) are more effective than those without cell extracts. For example, researchers say that people using cosmetics made with plant extracts sooner or later become dependent on it. This means that its effect on skin decreases or dissapears and people have to try other products. Conversely, placenta cosmetics makes people less likely become dependent on the products they use. It is because cosmetics made from placenta cells are made with our own cell biological structure.

Having won many awards across Europe several years in a row, the leader of placenta cosmetics production is Plazan. Jennifer Lopez is only one of many celebrities who uses Plazan SkinCare products because they really work! This company produces cosmetics with all - natural and compatible components that provide real benefits witout any secondary effects. It has made wide cosmetic series which include creams for skin care, hair care and face masks preparations. Placenta or fetal cell skin care, is the most effective natural treatment for wrinkles, burns and scars. Creams of the series enable to renew the skin quickly and effectively, to keep its youth and freshness and also to save from premature ageing. Plazan shampoos, balms and gels make your hair healthy, shiny and voluminous.

Taking into consideration all mentioned above, placenta is a very effective component in making cosmetics. Because of this ingredient, your skin's life will be extremely improved. You will enjoy much healthier and smoothier skin!