Jurgita.com team has done an interview with a very good photographer from Latvia – Natalie Berezina. Young and talented photographer is very well known because of the wonderful model tests she is constantly doing. You are welcome to see a few important and informative answers about the model tests.

- When have you started taking pictures and from what you have started?

- My first camera I bought approximately 5 years ago. From that moment I started to photograph. At the beginning I had shouted everything I saw. During the time I understood that I like to photograph people more. I like to photograph people, reflecting their emotions and showing their beauty. So, all my friends got a lot of pictures. Many of my friends were in model business, so step by step I started to shoot for model agencies.

- How would you describe yourself as photographer now?

- Up to this time model shooting is my favorite sphere of photography. I like to shoot young models for their first model test. These photo shootings leave a lot of opportunities for experiments. Also I like to shoot fashion stories for magazines. When I am working for magazines the most interesting is collaboration with the team. Usually we are like crazy, forgetting about rest and food. J. Sometimes I do also shootings for private clients.

- What do you think is the most important for making beautiful pictures of people? (Should the person be very beautiful, some special lightning or maybe its enough to be a great photographer)

- Shooting people the most important thing is to create friendly atmosphere in the studio. Person has to trust the photographer and feel comfortable. Then follows good lighting, posing, make up – all other aspects. But the most important is the right attitude.

- Can you tell us a bit about the whole process of making the model test?

- Model test usually longs approximately 3 hours. First of all we put make up. Usually it is natural nude make up. We are shooting 4-5 different styles using different style clothes, different heir done. For that purpose I have a lot of different clothes and shoes for shooting in my studio, but it’s useful when girls also bring theirs. During shooting I try to show natural beauty of girl as well as her personality and opportunity to be different.

It’s better when girl know and feel how to pose. Of course I tell her what I would like to see in this particular style. If I feel that girl need more help, I tell and show her how to pose.

As a result I choose and retouch approx. 20 best photos of different styles. So you get disk with them.

- What is the first thing in models look that catches your attention and as a photographer, do you have a type of girls that you see as best for making beautiful photos?

- There is no type of girls that I would see better for shootings. In models look attention catches not one thing but all look in common. The first impression depends on everything – face, hair, dress style, behavior. But the most important in work is model’s personality and her skill to inspire. It may be great girl with beautiful face and perfect body, but she is not interesting, could say empty. So I like shoot may be not so perfect girls, but with charisma.

- Please tell a bit about your studio.

- I have studio in center of Riga. I use Bowens lighting equipment. I like different lightings, so I have many lighting accessories. When it possible I like to work on location, for example sea side. I have several cameras: Cannon 5D, Mamiya 645AFD. Mainly I work with digital, but like film too. I have two assistants Anna and Alex, to help me at my work.

- Could you give a few practical advices for new coming models how to prepare for the test?

- First of all every model knows that you must have to arrive to in time and with your natural look (clean natural hair, without make up, natural nails).

No crazy parties night before shooting. Its big problem for young girls.

Girls have to prepare for test. First of all, model must have positive motivation and attitude. Be ready to work hard and be open-minded to experiments with her look. Young models have to understand that posing on photo shoot is very hard work.

Be natural. Sometimes girls are trying to improve their looks before the photo shoots too hardly. Sometimes it ends funny or sad: over tanned with red skin, colored had skin after girls have hair dyed, allergic reaction on new skin care products. So, girls don’t experiment with your look before test shooting!

There are so many things from my working experience, that I would need much more time to list them all.

- Can you tell some very funny, very silly or very sad facts during the shootings that you will always remember?

- I have one funny thing, which a little bit shows our stereotypes. So I have mentioned I have male assistant Alex. And when I am working with him almost everybody in the beginning are thinking that he is the photographer. So people are very surprised when find out that in fact photographer is this tiny, young, blond girl.