There are six major trends for hair style in 2009. Women can choose the most appropriate for them and be very stylish this year.
The first hair fashion top trend is the bob. This year cut bob is coupled with a smooth, sleek style, a blunt fringe and a plenty of shine. The bob should be carefully cut according to your unique facial structure or it should highlight your long and beautiful neck. Eva Longoria, Reese Witherspoon and Gwyneth Paltrow wear this hair style cut.
The second clue for the fashionable hair style is long and wavy hair. It is very important that this year waves would look as natural as possible. Assymetrical bangs are emphasised there too. It is no matter whether they are cut blunt or heavily textured. A sloping bang highligt your face nicely and it is very playful and stylish. In order to create a more flirtier and sexier look, it is advisable to part your hair on the side. Long wavy hair with multiple layers is a very popular trend among such celebrities as Gisele Bundchen, Shakira, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, the Olsen sisters or Lucy Liu. Fashion critics say that the waves should dominate this spring and summer!
The third top trend for hair fashion is classy ponytails. They were the main hair trend on Spring - Summer 2009 runways in New York, Paris and Milan. Ponytails look very stunning and they can be worn both high and low. This trend is a sign of grace and elegance this year!
The fourth main fashionable style is straight hair. Classic straight hair parted in the middle will look especially fabulous this year.
The fifth trend for hair is updos. Updos are the new blowout this fall. Hair are teased, pinned and sprayed up in order to be away from the face. This style reveals your beautiful facial features. Updos can be of different sizes and shapes. For example, it is fashionable to wear gelled side bangs with cinched-back locks, slick ballerina buns or updos with a double - pinned ponytail. You may experiment and play with your hair and create a really stylish updo. Besides, worn with a gorgeous gown, a pair of jeans or a suit, updos will instantly add more style no matter what the occasion is.
The last top hairstyle trend includes the color. It is advisable to choose hair color according to your character. Hair color is very important because it may have a dramatic effect on rather a plain hair style. The ultra - hot color this year is brown. Deep tones of chocolate or red tones apply for a dark brown or black hair color. Moreover, the other two fashionable colors this year are natural blonde and natural red. Strategically placed highlights, lowlights or panels can emphasise texture and add tons of character to your style. In order to compliment your features and skin tone, you are encouraged to add an edge to your haircut with some artful and fashionable hair coloring.