Look stylish, sexy, and impeccably put-together with these summer dressing ideas:

1. Go for shorter pants. Ones that fall to the ankle look sporty for casual summer outings (even office Fridays, if your workplace is relaxed enough). Pair them with flats.

2. Try intricate earrings. Drop earrings decorated with crystals and stones look beautiful against bare shoulders for evening.

3. Keep heels small and feminine. Tall, chunky heels feel too much like autumn -- stick to slides and mules with delicate, kitten-style heels instead.

4. Stock up on shells. Sleeveless tops in cotton, fine-gauge knit, and stretch fabrics go with everything from shorts to business skirts. Plus, they keep you cool.

5. Experiment with hair accessories. This year, wear ponytail holders, combs, and barrettes in turquoise and coral.

6. Forego traditional belts. Instead, use a long, rectangular scarf as a belt. Simply thread through belt loops and tie to the side (or tuck in the ends).

7. Keep shorts appropriate. They should fall to mid-thigh or lower.

8. Try new color combos. If you usually stick to black, white, and beige, use the summer months to experiment! New combinations to wear: Pink and brown, lavender and khaki, orange and olive.

9. Invest in a shift dress. This summer staple in a light, neutral color can take you to work, a casual wedding, and a romantic dinner out. Just change accessories to dress it up.

10. Pick prints. Preppy-inspired stripes and polka dots are wearable and look lighthearted for summer.