This season is predominated with laconicism and simplicity of the 60's. From here we can draw an image - precise and modern, at the same time there is a light echo of playful naivety of the 30's of past century, when light sport style enjoyed popularity in the whole world, shadows were natural, lips were slightly touched by the pomade of red or berry nuances, face - rosy and tanned.

If to speak about characters, the style corresponds most closely to the image of the legendary supermodel Twiggi, with her "open" eyes framed by shiny eyelashes.

So, in no way a face should be colored too heavy; the tone should be light, hardly appreciable. Light black shadows, no orange blush or bleached lips at all. Everything should be much lighter and more natural: light pink lipstick, naturally-beige blush, eyelashes are completely painted over.

Alongside with these tendencies in a modern fashion, there is a style – Glamour. It is difficult to draw a parallel with any character but, as an example, it is possible to bring images of an advertising campaign of aromas of fashionable house Thierry Mugler back in the 80's.

Thus, on a background of light hair-dos and sports style in a make-up there are absolutely "made" hair-dos and "made" make-up. But the make-up must not make a woman look older than she is.
I allocate this style because last 8-10 years there was no such strong influence of ‘glamour’ on a fashion as it happens now.

Face. It is not the first season when the color of skin is natural and transparent. The tone cream is used not so actively. Two basic tendencies are observed:
1. White, colorless skin. Very light beige blush or no blush at all.
2. The tanned skin. An interesting detail! In this season sun-spots are back in fashion.
These two, absolutely different directions allow any woman to choose her unique image - a diva with a white aristocratic skin, or a sports girl, freckled and sunbathed.

Eyebrowes. Eyebrows are natural or elaborate, strongly underlined. It is the tendency of combination of the sports style with a fashion of 60th. The strengthened, well traced eyebrows should be well seen. Even if they are natural, an accent should be put on them. Two-three seasons ago eyebrows in a make-up were not so appreciable.

Eyes. Eye lining is not strong, only to emphasize an eye. It can be created by means of dark shadows or by eye pencils. Rigid lines are not required. They are present either with shading, or with false eyelashes in glamour variant.

Eye shadows can be as natural - pink, beige, grayish (all scale of natural cold shades), and dark grey - black or gold (a golden peach, ochre colors or other shades of this precious metal). A lot of black and white can be used.

Lips. Light pink lipstick is in fashion this season. Bright lips go as to the pale skin, so to the tanned. The versions of pink are varied: cold and warm, shining and lusterless. The saturated berry colors are also urgent.