Why is it so difficult to maintain a gay relationship. I think I am to something as I have given thus very subject hours and hours of deep thought after recently being dumped by my boyfriend.

If you go into the village at night and enter a bar, one look around and your mouth drops open. So many guys, all definitely gay or bi, available and some are extremely cute.

A person just wants to try all of them out, not just one. So it would really suck to be in a relationship and not be able to. Or one could just cheat but it's nasty and sexually dangerous. Years ago there was no village, being gay was being totally in the closet and never daring to hit on your high school friend. Now you just walk into a gay bar and 25 cuties are lined up staring at you.

So I think when this fascination wears off in another 10-20 years, gay men will take a relationship seriously like heterosexual couples do. There will always be cheating and breakups, but hopefully there will also be long lived bonds of love.
Any thoughts on this subject?