Each time a lot of people are impressed when they see Victoria's Secret models walking on the catwalks. It seems that these wonderful girls have their tricks on how to look fabulous. A particular nutrition combined with some exercises help them to sustain ideal body curves. These splendind girls keep Victoria's Secret models diet and we will reveal its secret to you!

The main aim of the Victoria's Secret models' diet is to avoid processed food. Insted of it, models eat lots of vegetables and fruits. The great importance when keeping this diet is organic food (etc. various salads) because it provides with hydratation to skin and the whole body, which helps you to stay fit and feel fresh. The other important ingredient which makes muscles healthy and fights the extra kilos is proteins.

Together with these special principles of nutrition, the models also try out different diets, which include South Beach, Zone and Macrobiotic diet, and also some diets specially created for them. So, let's take a look at the diets of the veteran models - Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum and Giselle Bundchen.

Adriana Lima follows the Portion Control Diet which principle is to eat everything what you want but in limited portions. Model made a decision to avoid seeds and grains and insted of it to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Salads without any dressing as well as her favourite Brazilian food are a perfect solution for this diet. Adriana Lima completes her diet with a rhytmical and fun exercise, which is know as Capoeira aeorobics.

After pregnancy, Heidi Klum adopted the New York Body Plan diet, which promises a radical weight loss in only two weeks. It is required not to limit 1200 calories per day and not to eat after 8 p.m. Besides, alcohol, sweets, bread and dairy products are totally forbidden. Heidi Klum has a habit to have a meal every three hours. In this way, metabolism is kept busy, model's organism is actively working and it influences the fact that your extra kilos are burning. Between the main meals Heidi Klum takes her favourite snack - apples. They will help to fight the starvation and they also provide your organism with vitamins and minerals, that act as antioxidants and help to increase your longevity and well - being.

Giselle's Bundchen secret of looking fabulous lies in meat. The model is fond of cheeseburgers! She completes this quite strange and funny Cheeseburger diet with yoga exercises, walking and relaxation. Giselle also adds some spices (etc. peppers) to her meals, which help to boost her metabolism. In general, Giselle is a really lucky person because she can eat almost everything she wants without gaining extra kilos.

So, dear readers, we have introduced you with Victoria's Secret Angels' diets. Let's find some useful advices which will help you stay fit!