If you cannot login, try the following:

1. The wrong username

Check if the username you enter matches the username we have sent you.
If you do not remember your login information, visit the login forgot page.

2. The wrong password

Check if the password you enter matches the password we have sent you.
Note that the passwords are case sensitive. Check your keyboard if the caps-lock is off.
If you do not remember your username or password, visit the login forgot page.

3. Cookies are not enabled

We are using cookies to distinguish between logged in members and simple visitors. Cookies are text files that store your login session while browsing the site. Make sure that your Internet browser is accepting cookies by the following procedure (for Internet Explorer users):

- From the main browser toolbar, select Tools -> Internet Options...
- Click on the Privacy tab.
- Click on Advanced.
- Click to check the Override automatic cookie handling box.
- Click on the radio buttons to accept first- and third-party cookies.
- Click on Always allow session cookies.
- Check under the Security tab that the Security level for the Internet zone is set at Medium or lower, if this is set at a High level this will prevent access to the jurgita.com site. You can change it by using the slider or clicking on the Default Level button.

After resetting your options return to the login page and re-enter your information.

4. Account is not approved

This means that the username and the password are valid, however you have not confirmed your email. We send an invitation email with activation code each time an user is created. In this email there is a unique activation url, that is valid for 48 hours. A member has to visit the link by clicking on it or copy-pasting it to browser url window. After 48 hours all the unconfirmed accounts are deleted and you have to register a new account. This is used to protect the site and its users from automatic SPAM accounts.

If you still cannot login, contact jurgita.com administrator by using our tickets system and explain the problems you have. Send us your username, error code you received while logging and the type of Internet browser (IE, Firefox, Opera ...).