This is my list of favorite dating movies for getting closer together. I love the movies that inspire sweet and loving feelings and I thought to share them with you. It’s so hard to put a places for them, I like them all, but here it goes:

1. Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004) – this movie defenitely will elate you because of the mixture of fabolous dance and music. It captivates not only with young and sexy characters in the movie, but also with a brief glimpse of the history of Cuba.

2. Shall We Dance? (2004) - John Clark is a man with a wonderful job, a charming wife and a loving family, who nevertheless feels that something is missing as he makes his way every day through the city. Each evening on his commute home, John sees a beautiful woman, staring with a lost expression through the window of a dance studio. Haunted by her gaze, John impulsively jumps off the train one night, and signs up for dance lessons, hoping to meet her.
The story is worth seeing in your date firstly for showing a kindness and simplicity of human lives and of course for stunning Jeniffer Lopez temperament on the dance floor.

3. Titanic – this film is suggested only for the one action scene you can never see in other movies when the huge boat goes down to the ocean. For me there are 2 sides of this movie – the boring one and the romantic one. So, romantic one should be left to induce sensitive feelings and boring one should help you to pay more attention to each other. Believe me, you will have a lot of time for getting closer and closer and finally you will be satisfied for chosen this one.

4. True romance (Quentin Tarantino) – as the title suggest, this is a love story, written throught the point of view of Quentin Tarantino. It is full of action, drugs, trust and a great actors in small roles including famous ones as Brad Pitt and James Gandolfini. Knowing the Tarantino style you never dismiss taking your date to this movie.

5. Ghost (1990) - in Monterrey, Mexico, women in the audience were given envelopes marked "Solo para mujeres" (for women only) containing tissues… After being killed, a man's love for his partner enables him to remain on earth as a ghost. Movie enables us to rethink about many important things in our life.

6. There's Something About Mary – a typical dating movie with lot’s of fun and lot’s of Cameron Diaz.

7. The wedding planner (2001) – another dating comedy full of romantic elements and lovable characters.

8. In a Lonely Place (1950) (Humphrey Bogart) – it’s something unusual, “untitanical” and suits for exclusive taste.
TIME Magazine, Jun. 5, 1950 – “In a Lonely Place is a Humphrey Bogart melodrama that seems to take forever getting to the point and just about as long driving it home”.
For maverick director Nicholas Ray, the film posed the challenge of taking crime dramas beyond their usual formulas and into a more mature realm, as well as a chance to cast a jaundiced eye on the film industry itself.

9. Brief Encounter - Criterion Collection (1946) – this film suits for the dating for one reason – it’s an ordinary story that happened to all of us at least once in our lives or in our minds. It is one of the greatest romantic tearjerkers/weepers of all time, with a very downbeat ending. Lean's film is a simple but realistically-honest, unsentimental, self-told social melodrama of the quiet desperation involved in an illicit, extra-marital love affair between two married, middle-class individuals over seven weekly meetings, mostly against the backdrop of a railway station. The romantic couple includes a wife/mother (stage actress Celia Johnson) looking for escape from her humdrum life and sterile marriage, and a dashing doctor (Trevor Howard in his third film).

10. College (1927) (Buster Keaton) - brainy student goes to ridiculous lengths to become an athlete in order to impress his girlfriend. It is best for those who want some black and white formatted comedy about college times.