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Example of creating a portfolio.

• "Jurgita Kiguole" is the name we used in our example below Use your Name and Surname. Pick a Username like (Jurgita432), and a password (don't give this to anyone). If you signing as a professional and you are in real modeling business, please upload your logo with us.

• Fill out the address section; this is kept hidden on your public portfolio page. Fill out your REAL email address. Make sure you choose a ZIP Code (you may choose a nearby zip and not your exact zip code), this is used by Agents / Photographers to search for models in their area.

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• Be sure to enter correct birthday date. Your age is calculated from this date.

• Fill out the measurements section, you can fill it in imperial or metric measurements.

• The "Biography" section is where you list a little bit about you, what you like and don't like, and any special information that a photographer / agent would want to know before contacting you. If you have any Tattoos, piercing, etc. list them here.

• The "Experience" section is where you list any work that you may have done, and who it was for.

• Select the languages you may speak and the talents you possess.

• The "Mother agency" section is required for models under the management of real modeling agency. Please fill their name, email address and profile ID if they have their profile with us.

• "Types of modeling" sections are where you list the type of modeling that you would be available for or interested in pursuing. Be sure to read about every modeling type before selecting it.

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