According to many authoritative scientists and physiologists, a person can feel much better, improve his/her immunity to various diseases and even prolong his or her lifetime if one decides to eat properly and consume particular alimentary products. Also, many nutritionists claim that fair amounts of healthy foodstuff, which is full of nourishments that are functional for the human body, can distance the aging or help to avoid serious illness. It is very helpful to get accustomed to some healthy products and discover the alterations they can bring to your organism.

Salmon-characterized as reducing cholesterol amount in human blood, herewith reducing the opportunity to get ill with cardio and vascular disease. Specifically, salmon is beneficial for depressive people and those who have problems with memory.

Chicken- is a healthier low-fat meat full of proteins, vitamin B and cholesterol. Usually it is most beneficial for overweight people or those who are concerned with their weight. Chicken is also recommended for hard mental working individuals.

Eggs- are the main source of protein. Egg consumption can reduce a risk of coronary thrombosis and heart stroke. It is also beneficial for those who are taking a diet, because eggs do not raise cholesterol amount in your blood.

Diary products– milk and other diary products are the main sources of calcium, for which reason it is very important to consume them from the earliest days. With particular age, the need for calcium is growing faster and faster, and organism cannot be in a fit state to get sufficient quantities of this element from other products. For those who do not like milk particularly, advisable products are – fat-free yogurt, diet curd or kefir.

Spinach – a source of iron, vitamins A and C. Usually consumed in order to improve eyesight.

Banana – nutritionists claim that banana regulates blood pressure and digestive system. Also, it is a huge source of potassium, which is necessary for healthy and well-set muscles. You can fix it with oatmeal porridge or yogurt.

Apples- very effectively reduce fat absorbtion is your organism. According to many scientists, people can protect themselves from aging by eating 3-4 apples a day. Apples should be eaten by those who work hard mental work, have anemia or are overweight.

Cowberry – these berries are low-cal, but include lots of vitamins, minerals and inhibitors, which protect organism from aging. These are perfect against digestive problems or varicose veins.