Welcome to one of the most popular modeling and show business community in the world. Here you get instant access into the world of modeling, fashion, photography, make-up, health, fitness and of course, beautiful people. We give a perfect opportunity for models, actors, dancers, singers to begin their modeling career for free. And we give perfect opportunity for agencies, photographers, stylist, designers, producers and other modeling / show businessindustry professionals to find the talent for free.

Jurgita.com is the Official home page of Jurgita Jurksaite Kiguole with her exclusive photos and its online magazine which provides professional modeling services. We are not just another dull site, we are in real modeling business, and known as agency "Supermodels" between the modeling agencies. Jurgita.com is the modeling magazine of the agency. Here we publish news, advices, tips, beauty secrets, everything what is needed for beginner and professional model. As an agency we have lots of friends inside modeling industry. We work closely with the biggest modeling networks like NEXT, IMG, Elite. Our models succesfully works in the biggest modeling markets in London, Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Tokyo, Athens, New York.

Jurgita.com gives advices and showcase to models of all shapes and sizes. All models are strictly categorised into the modeling types. Agencies, photographers and other modeling industry professionals can choose from fashion, commercial and glamour types of models. Also They can find plus size, petite, teenage models, adult models and other special types of models.

There are very few agencies who searches for models in the internet. Most booking agencies uses services of local modeling agencies and they are searching models by their type and needs. Never believe sites who charges models, just to place them in internet. Only agencies who are in real modeling business and have close relationships with industry professionals can help you to start your carrier or to find real jobs.

Our success stories:

Model Jurgita (id: 1) view
Won the Fashion TV contest and appeared in Fashion TV Paris (www.ftv.com).
Advertising compaigns:
The face of Mobile phones company,
The face of Gancia aperitiv.
Participates in lots of various fashion shows worldwide.

Model Laura (id: 368) view
We placed her with one of the Biggest worldwide modeling networks - IMG at the age of 14. view
IMG manages well known models like Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss, Heidi Clum, Alek Wek, celebrities like Milla Jovovich, Liv Tyler, Tyra Banks, Laetitia Casta and many more.

Model Audrone
Worked with agencies:
Bond models, Dusseldorf; Madison, Paris; Riccardo Gay, Milan; Connection, Milan.
Worked with designers: Valentino, Gucci.

Model Vita
Placed in Ice-models agency, Milan. Participates in Elite model look Baltique 2003 contest. Organised by Elite model management.

Model Mante view
Placed in ABC models agency, Barcelona.

Model Evelina (id: 373) view
Placed in Ice-models agency, Milan. Participates in Elite model look Baltique 2003 contest. Organised by Elite model management.

And many more...

From the beginner to the pro, Jurgita.com is a perfect place to display your portfolio, get known, as well as communicate and conduct business in a safe and private manner with the advice from professional jurgita.com staff. The Privatemessaging System on jurgita.com allows you to be contacted by other members without revealing your email address therefore keeping you virtually anonymous. We restrict users to show their email adresses to our members.

At jurgita.com we understand the importance of a dream and the value of reaching and obtaining ones goals. Whether it’s modeling, acting, dancing, or photography, we have interest in helping all those who want to help themselves. Our mission is to help you make your dreams come true by giving you an outlet to upload your portfolios for MAXIMUM exposure, giving advices and helping you to find the jobs and interested agencies! It’s free, It’s safe, It’s fun, jurgita.com is unique online community with real modeling business activity.

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