Security Shield program hails from a huge family of rogue anti-spywares, so keep in mind that you must remove it similarly just like the other threats that may have been infected your PC. It seems like Security Shield has been lightly modified to keep on with its malicious techniques dedicated for stealing users’ money and now applies new methods of infiltration. This program may enter your computer together with malicious downloads, from various insecure websites or with other fake programs that are offered to install.

At the beginning of its activity, Security Shield will tell you that there are numerous viruses detected on your computer. It will also show annoying system scanners that will find the same issues. Keep in mind that anything detected by this scamware is invented and do not pose any harm for you and your computer. In reality, Security Shield expects to get ability to offer you its useless paid services and says that only its registered version is the only one capable to fix your PC. However, Security Shield is useless and it’s not worth any sum of money you are asked to pay. Please, make sure that you find the best guide for Security Shield removal because it can’t be left on your computer.