We started to see visitors bothered by PC Repair optimization program. Our visitors claim, that they haven't installed that program themselves and that they can't use their PC after PC Repair starts bombing them with popups. In some cases user loose their files for real. We investigated and found out that this program is one of many system optimisation scams spread by trojan parasites. These parasites install a piece of software on your PC which shows various hardware malfunctions and asks you to pay for its full version. All the messages PC Repair shows are false, so you should not pay for this piece of crap. Instead you should uninstall it by deleting its files with regular antivirus or anti-malware program. For people that lost their files due to PC Repair wrongdoings, try opening file explorer and enter %TEMP%smtmp. There you will find all your documents and shortcuts. Here is a full guide on how to get rid of PC Repair.