Security Defender is a typical cyber threat that comes unexpectedly for its victim and then starts ‘pleading’ him/her to give his money. As soon as it manages to get inside the system, this dangerous virus starts displaying continuous system scanners and alerts that all report the same story about dangerous viruses detected. However, in reality it’s just harmless files, ‘detected’ for making users scared. Security experts recommend ignoring Security Defender and its alerts because in reality it is not capable to detect and remove any kind of virus.

If you have been attacked by any of cyber threat which is categorized as rogue anti-spyware, you should know that many of them disable legitimate security programs found on the system while trying to remove them. If you also have this issue with Security Defender, remove into safe mode with networking first and only then launch the program. We highly recommend you to remove Security Defender without any delay because it may download more malware inside your computer.