Though System Fix malware was seen on the Internet two weeks ago, many computer users still report about being tricked by this scamware. The saddest thing is that many of them have also ‘purchased’ its licensed version as well and simply gave their money to scammers. If you have also been tricked by System Fix, contact your credit card company to dispute the charges because scammers may use your credit card information for illegal purposes.

In reality, System Fix is a fake PC optimization tool that reports only fake errors found on the hard drive. In most of the cases, this program is distributed by trojan horses that download all malware files unnoticeably for the user. After such secret installation, System Fix is set to start with every computer’s reboot and then imitate scanning your hard drive for errors. Having System Fix on your computer means allowing for this virus to mess up your system, so make sure you remove it without any delay. Please follow System Fix removal guide and fix your computer.