Internet Security 2012 is a malicious program that belongs to the category of rogue anti-spywares. All the programs from this category tend to report invented viruses and then ask paying the money for their removal, so be sure you don't fall for such campaign. In fact, those viruses that are reported by Internet Security 2012 or Internet Security are harmless files that are important for normal computer's functionality. So, instead of deleting these files, remove Internet Security 2012 without any delay if you want to avoid having more malware let inside your PC.

Internet Security 2012 is distributed with a help of trojans that get inside the system through security vulnerabilities found. Additionally, they set it to start once victim reboots his PC, so every time machine is rebooted it will be bombarded with numerous alerts and notifications reporting tons of viruses detected. Please, keep in mind that you must ignore Internet Security alerts and scanners because they are useless and misleading. All these alerts are designed for the only reason - to scare users about the situation of their computers and push them into purchasing fake licensed version. We highly recommend ignoring Internet Security 2012 and its notifications. Instead of falling for this scam, you should remove this malware from your computer. If spotted on your PC, make sure you use Internet Security 2012 removal guide.