Redirect viruses. What is it?
A browser hijacker or redirect virus is a malicious program. It can be a web browser plug-in that modifies browser settings and changes search page, home page, and/or error page redirecting user to the site full of ads where all clicks earn money for the Redirect virus creator. Browser hijacker can track all visited web pages and send out gathered information. This information is used to track user behavior and can be used to show you more relevant and interesting to you ads on hijacked pages.
Practically all browser hijackers are created for commercial, advertising or marketing purposes. Redirect viruses as Happili redirect, Google redirect and others are very similar to adware and spyware threats and often have some of their functions. There is a special term user for this kind of malware – it is Hijackware. Some of the nastiest viruses takes over your bookmarks and adds a porno sites to them, generates pop-ups with adult content.
In some cases browser hijackers can Harm your real life. One man tells the story that browser Hijacker sent him to jail, because some of child pornography pictures were found on his computer. He believes that his computer was infected with some hijacker as he was getting a lot of pornography related pop-up and force redirects to illegal websites. You must be very careful and try to keep your system clean, because no one know how infection may harm your real life.
Below are the active redirect viruses for the year 2012.

Happili redirect virus
Happili redirect is a Browser Hijacker. Users simply call it virus as it infects the system without human intervention and redirects all searches to and to some other similar intrusive websites.
Happili redirect virus mainly intercepts queries made in Google, but it affects other search engines.
This virus not only redirects queries to the shopping related website, the virus sponsors Scour search tool,,,, All these sites have a bad history and reputation on the net.
Removal process of Happili Virus can be extremely hard and if you decided to remove this virus manually you must know that you can ruin your system. It is recommended to use automated tools designed to remove this virus.

Google redirect virus
Google Redirect Virus is a rootkit and backdoor Trojan, It is named like that, because its main function is redirecting you to unrelated websites, after you click a Google search result link. Redirect Virus infections have many different secondary functions; they can download other malicious programs, create a backdoor in your PC, generate advertisements which even might be interesting to you, as this virus traces your browsing history and habits.
Google Redirect Virus and related rootkits are extremely difficult to remove. Even reputable anti-virus and anti-spyware programs fail to remove some of it variants. In that case its better to call security expert to fix your system or to use remote computer repair services.

Searchqu redirect
Searchqu is a “legal” browser hijacker, which can be installed with a shareware or freeware applications. We cannot call Searchqu a virus, but its activity bothers a lot of Internet users. It changes your default home page to point to, installs a toolbar and adds additional search engine called Web Search. Each time users type search terms in the top search/URL box they get redirected to or
There is no evidence that Searchqu is distributed through the use of Trojans or any other malware. If you have this hijacker on your system, then most likely you installed it with some Freeware yourself.