Reputation level of the professional accounts is shows in 5 star system.

factors and criterias:
1. One of the factors is the date of establishment. Older agency, photographer, studio has more experience in their field, more connections. That makes them more reputable. That is not a rule, but it is a factor. Other factors may supercede this factor.
2. Another factor is the opinion of M.A.M.A. association. M.A.M.A. unites hundreds of mother agencies worldwide, we ask their opinion on certain professionals and agencies in their country.
3. Quality of the Jobs done. The level of professionality we can see by the jobs done - the quality of photos, models, works. If we can not get this information, we simple don't know. That gives a lower rank for the accounts on site. More information we get, more accurate evaluation can be made.
4. Word of mouth. We check the comments, opinions, gossips about every professional account, bad and negative comments leads to lower rank in our system.
5. Reputation can not be purchased. We do not take money to higher the rankings.
6. Reputation is the criteria within the JURGITA magazine and site. These rankings can not be used as a real evalution in the modeling industry. That is the pure opinion of the magazine, its readers and visitors.