ONLY ® created a nice Viral video we would like to share with our readers. It is an interactive commercial video which presents their brand in really interesting and eye appealing way. It is a Highly entertaining and interactive film experience.

While watch the movie you can click anytime on the video and see more information about the clothes which models wear in the video.

What is ONLY ®?

ONLY live life to the fullest
ONLY wear what you feel like
ONLY feel it in your heart
ONLY the best is good enough

ONLY wants to create a denim revolution, spreading the true jeans-attitude to everybody. Our aim is to transform the everyday life from grey and monotonous to fun, colourful and creatively eventful.

ONLY presented their interactive fashion feature film ‘The Liberation’.The film is set in Florida, USA and follows three chic and strong ladies, each representing a different ONLY girl, as they travel to a small town, and wreak fashionable havoc on the mundane lives of the local people.

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