Funmoods toolbar has been widely discussed in many forums. Though it seems to be interesting program capable to give you new emotions for your conversations, our users claim that it can hardly be kept on the system. Latest reports reveal that Funmoods does not stick to promises it makes because it tends to hijack the browser, set itself as a homepage, alter search results and redirect users to or other domains. This and other stuff it does is typical for programs categorized as browser hijackers, so be aware. Besides, it has also been associated with Zeroaccess rootkit.

The way how you can get Funmoods on your computer includes manual download from its official website. However, it can also be found installed on your machine out of nowhere because it can easily be downloaded together with other programs. That's why you should always pay attention to the sources you are using for your downloads and stay away from those that recommend to download such programs like Funmoods. Soon you will see that you are randomly redirected to various commercial websites instead of the one you are trying to reach.

If you have also been tricked into installing this program, you may be looking for a way how to remove Funmoods from your computer. First thing we recommend is running a full system scan with Spyhunter while other anti-spyware program vendors haven’t included its files into their database because of Funmoods complexity. In addition, you can also try to run Malwarebytes antimalware if you want to forget this toolbar for good.