Babylon is a software pack with different tools for language translations, which is developed by Babylon LTD. Babylon Toolbar is an addon to this software, which allows you to get translations or definitions without leaving your browser screen. It also changes your default search engine to “”.

What is wrong with Babylon Toolbar?

Although this add-on is legitimate, it has some annoying features:

Firstly, it changes settings in your browser without your consent. It hijacks your default search engine and changes it to their. And this is done not to provide better search results, but just to gain more money from redirects. This is why some sources call Babylon toolbar a Babylon redirect virus.

Secondly, it doesn’t fully uninstall itself. You will have to reset all the browser changes manually, because it doesn’t store any information about the previous search engines and other settings. It’s very annoying, and some people might even call it malicious.

Finally, many sources, like SpyHunter website, Spybot S&D lists Babylon Toolbar as a potentially unwanted application. It also is distributed through unrelated software, like the ones that provide best coupon deals or similar. It also might be distributed in software bundles. Recently, it was also added to CNET’s software bundle.

How to completely remove Babylon Toolbar?

Babylon Toolbar core files can be removed with uninstallation wizard; however, you will need to manually fix changed browser settings. Sometimes, it’s not even possible to remove the browser extension because of the “grayed” removal button. In situations like this, it is best to use automatic removal software like SpyHunter, which will remove Babylon Toolbar completely and clear your computer from other malware.