Incredibar is annoying program that should be definitely attributed to the category of browser hijackers. This program can reach your computer together with other programs, spam email attachments or fake flash updates. However, no matter that it is malicious program used for spying PC users without their consent or knowledge, some anti-virus program may fail to detect it as malicious. However, in reality, it should be because of its additional activity on victim's computer: incredibar hijacks user's browser and then keeps redirecting its victim to domain. In addition, this domain will additionally cause redirections to commercial websites that get paid per every visitor. It seems like you can't stop incredibar redirections.

Why have scammers released Incredibar infection?

The main reason why scammers have released incredibar is seeking to get more information about users' browsing habits and activity on the Internet. All this information is additionally send to marketing companies. In addition, incredibar is also used for redirecting users to commercial websites that additionally offer to purchase malware or other infected programs.

How can I remove Incredibar from my computer?

That clearly reveals that incredibar spies on you without any yours permission asked, so you should stop dealing with this program. In order to stop this browser hijaker and its annoying redirections, use this Incredibar removal guide and video as soon as you find yourself on

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