FBI Moneypak is a dangerous ransomware that aggressively tries to get the money from its victims. It does that by locking user’s computer and additionally offering him to pay a ‘fine’ for unlocking procedure. Of course, it gives the reason why computer is locked down – FBI Moneypak displays misleading alert claiming that user has been illegally watching copyrighted content and spreading malware. In order to look more convincing, it even shows your IP address on this alert! Of course, you should never fall for this scam because legitimate organizations, such as FBI, do NOT lock computers and ask the money for unlocking them.

How can I get infected with FBI Moneypack?

The way how you can get infected with FBI Moneypak virus includes spam emails - as soon as you open the attachment found on such email, you are infected with this ransomware. Of course, insecure browsing and downloading non-official programs can also increase the risk of getting infected with this virus. As soon as it gets there, FBI Moneypak locks the system down and displays deceitful alert claiming that you have violated Copyright and Related Rights law. In this letter you will also be asked to pay $100 fine through the Moneypak service.

What should I do with FBI Moneypak virus?

We highly recommend you to ignore such email no matter how convincing it seems and never pay the fine through Moneypak. Falling for paying the fine means supporting creators of this program, hackers in this way. In order to unlock your computer, you should simply follow this FBI Moneypak removal guide.