is a site that allows users to watch movies, shows or TV programs on their PCs or smartphones without any fee required. However, after being abused by hackers, this site has also been reported to act like a browser hijacker that redirects its victims to misleading websites filled with malicious content. Note that such redirections to either or other domain that has nothing in common with your search query mean that you are infected with Google redirect virus.

Once you get infected with cracle redirect virus, it starts running automatically with every computer's reboot. This browser hijacker will also change homepage settings and will interrupt your every browsing session. The greatest danger of having this virus on your computer is that it can also be used for stealing your personal information, like passwords and banking details.

As you can see, you should definitely eliminate this browser hijacker as soon as you start suffering from these annoying redirections otherwise this virus may damage your system and files that are stored on it. For that, we recommend using legitimate anti-malware programs and this cracle redirect virus removal guide.

Stay safe,