Live Security Platinum is nothing but a rogue security software which should never be kept on the system. It hails from the most powerful malware family that has been generating money from its unaware users by making them buy their fake license. If you have also been deceived by Live Security Platinum alert claiming that you need this version, make sure you ignore it. Keep in mind that Live Security Platinum is malicious program that must be removed from the system immediately.

Live Security Platinum is usually distributed with a help of trojans. Of course, it won't be downloaded if you update your anti-virus and anti-malware programs constantly. As soon as it gets there, this scamware starts displaying continuous alerts and scanners trying to convince you that your computer is infected. For this purpose, malware will be displaying annoying popup alerts and system scanners that in reality have nothing to do with the real status of your system.

We highly recommend to ingore Live Security Platinum alerts and never fall for purchasing its licensed version. Though it is promised to help you with all these viruses removal, keep in mind that Live Security Platinum is useless and works only on stealing the money from PC users. The mots important thing - you must remove Live Security Platinum from your computer.

Stay safe