Crystal house Maison Baccarat is a place offering one of the world’s most expensive perfumes – Les Larmes Sacrées de Thebes. Limited to only ten 500 ml bottles a year, the parfume comes in crystal-encursted bottles with 18 carat gold collar and sells for €5000 per piece!

Philippe Starck, the famous French designer, showed his brain and muscles in this super deluxe store, being the one to transform the former Paris mansion of the French aristocrat Marie-Laure de Noailles into the Bacarrat’s headquarters and luxurious crystal store, an adjacent museum with more than just an impressive collection of crystal, and finally – an extravagant Starck-style decor restaurant with dining room infused with hand-made glass chandeliers.

To see it for yourselves, look for historical building at 11 Place des États-Unis (approx. 500 meters from the Triumphal Arch).