Jurgita team wants to warn you about the Police virus that has been spreading around and tricking our readers for a while. This virus is one of the most dangerous ones because, differently to other threats, it locks computer down and then asks to pay the 'fine' in exchange of unlocking the system. Before that, this virus displays a large alert saying that victim was illegally watching copyrighted content and doing other stuff that is not allowed by Police Central e-crime Unit, FBI, Metropolitan Police or other service. Sounds really convincing, isn't it? However, paying through suggested payment systems (PaySafeCard, Ukash or MoneyPak) won't help you to unlock your computer – that's just the way how scammers trick users into giving their money away. If you have also been hit by such alert, make sure you ignore it and remove Police virus instead.

The way how you can get Police virus on your computer is quite typical one – this threat will use every security hole and vulnerability found on the PC. In most of the cases, that will be a trojan that will come through those holes together with infected file or from infected website. In addition, it will lock computer down and will additionally display its misleading alert.Once you see Police virus on your computer, don't waste your time dealing with it and remove it from the system. For more details about its removal, we recommend reading Police virus removal guide on 2spyware project.

Stay safe,