Paris is a city of contrasts. And so are its shops: from haute couture classics to contemporary modernism. If you want to get a taste of Paris, try the Ladurée. So if you wish to feel or even to digest Paris in your mouth, go straight to Ladurée shop and restaurant at the Elysian Fields.

Its interior will immediately take you back a century ago, to the times where one talented French named Louis-Ernest Ladurée has started to make colourful, melt-in-your-mouth cookies called the macaroons. By the way, if you plan to eat at the Ladurée, be prepared to spend up to €50 for a couple of cookies packed in a magnificent French box.

And if that is not enough, take a tour through the Saint-Germain district, where you will find a truly Parisian atmosphere and probably all possible French delicatecies in one place.