Have you been redirected to 'Welcome to Nginx' page? Many PC users worldwide claim that this problem has became more and more urgent these days, so our team decided to give some special notes on this virus for you.

According to 2-spyware and other reputable security pages, Nginx virus is a browser hijacker which is mostly known for its annoying activity on victim's computer. This virus is usually blamed for continuous redirections to the 'Welcome to nginx' page which is not dangerous by itself but is suspected to collect its visitors in such way. In addition, Nginx virus may also be a cause of constant redirections to misleading pages offering to install fake anti-virus or update your Flash Player. Typically, Nginx virus tends to hijack all popular search engines, like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, so be aware about that. As a result, victim is redirected to a blank screen saying 'Welcome to Nginx' each time he/she tries to get on Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Youtube or other page.

You may get infected with Nginx virus together with other programs that are typically installed for free. Note that most of such programs tend to include various viruses that are usually installed as components. As a result, Nginx browser hijacker starts redirecting user's browser to various pages that have nothing in common with real search query. It may also change victim's Favorites list and install Nginx toolbar on the compromised PC. Note that if you are constantly redirected to 'Welcome to Nginx' page, you are infected with dangerous browser hijacker that must be eliminated without any delay. We highly recommend you to read this post and forget about this threat:http://www.2-spyware.com/remove-nginx-virus.html