Pushing boundaries, breaking fences and molds... The theme is revisited every six months, or so, and we never seem to get enough of that circle. LOVE magazine allows itself to go as far as it wants to, and explore what others have left blank. Nudity in fashion has always lurked around the corner, behind the curtain and shares the spotlights with the oh-so-coveted product -- the clothes themselves.

The newest issue does follow the same pattern, as I said it revisits the mag's favorite items, and this time we have the opportunity to share the intimacy of a pregnant Mariacarla Boscono or the one-night fling captured by Mert and Marcus involving Guinevere van Seenus and Saskia de Brauw, both literally in LOVE with each other and with the camera, as usual.

The plot is simple, almost too simple but works as much as something can work in fashion. Naked bodies, profusion of flesh and feelings mixing and melting, raw stuff that doesn't need pieces of cloth to exist. Is it the new or the ultimate definition of a fashion magazine? I'm almost tempted, to say the least, to say yes. Some will see controversy or subversion, others will enjoy the weird innocence of these scenes piling up page after page.

Between beauty and bizarre, between soft shocks and hot rocks, between what you see and imagine, between healthy fire and pure insanity, the vibes you feel reading or watching this brand new LOVE paper are worth every single penny spent for it. Visual culture at its best, at its beast even. It's a kind of refreshment in the middle of the summer, when heat and sweat hits hard under our shirts and blue suede shoes. Kind of refreshing when all the others are literally howling, yelling about next fall's collections.Some little bits to cheer about, to rock us on, from our souls to the rest, pretty things able to question our own depths and inner abysses while most only care about the glossy enveloppe. It is not only ravishing for the craving eye, it's also, and by far, salvatory.

Thanks a million, Miss Grand. Gimme more, gimme moles, gimme all I've ever missed. Sensations, it is called and not for nothing.

CREDITS: LOVE Magazine / Ph: Mert Alas & Marcus Pigott