Text Enhance is a potentially unwanted application, an adware, which causes continuous pop-up ads and links on the text. While most of the people believe that all this activity means that website is infected, in reality the one that has been affected is their computer. So, if you see commercial advertisements on clearly legitimate websites or notice underlined words that link to other websites, you should check your computer for the Text Enhance application. This unwanted app presents itself as a tool, which helps to increase the traffic to websites. However, most frequently it gets inside the system together with freeware and shareware.

Text Enhance starts initiating its completely annoying activity as soon as it gets inside the system. It simply interrupts its victims with advertisements from the affiliated websites that seek to increase the traffic to their websites or sell their goods. Basically, Text Enhance can affect every browser you use and then display continuous popup ads. It is also suspected to control user's keyword search and then show commercials advertisements depending on the search.

As you can see, Text Enhance can be really annoying application. In order to stop its advertisements, we recommend checking your computer with reputable anti-spyware. Besides, you should uninstall these program from your computer:Codec-C, Codec-V, Better Links, JetMP3, Jp3, Facetheme, Giant Savings, I want this / iwantthis, Game Play Labs, Premiumplay Codec, Rewards Arcade, VUZE, BFlix, Dealply, Media Plugin, browser enhancements 1.0, Pando media enhancer, crossrider web apps, I-livid, bandicam, fantapper.