FBI Online Agent is a bogus program that locks computers down as soon as it manages to get inside them. This ransomware relies on a fake notification, which replaces user's desktop and then displays a bogus notification trying to create an image that victim has been tracked by FBI for some time. On this fake warning, FBI Online Agent virus lists some law violating crimes and claims that it will unblock the system only after victim will pay a fine of 200 dollars. Of course, it looks really professionally and officially, but you should never follow it. FBI Online Agent is a clear example of virus, which seeks the only aim - to get your money.

Just like its previous version FBI virus, FBI Online Agent is spread by trojan horse, which comes inside the system through its backdoors. In most of the cases, such viruses is the cause of insecure browsing. However, having an updated anti-virus and anti-spyware is also very important if you want to prevent this or any other threat from infiltrating. Once it gets inside, it shows its malicious message and tires to make you believe that it was sent by the government department. Trying to look more convincing, FBI Online Agent also gives such details as the case number, agent's name, tracking time and other. Of course, you should ignore them.

Basically, the one and only thing you should do is to remove FBI Online Agent from your computer because it is a virus that you can not trust it.