Disk Antivirus Professional is nothing but a fake application that pretends to be useful and trustworthy. It belongs to malicious family of rogue anti-spywares, which is called WinWebSec. Be aware that this program is capable to show only fake alerts and forged system scanners because it has nothing that could be similar to virus database. In fact, it reports about the same viruses for all its victims. Before you fall for this virus and its misleading campaign, you should firstly think have you ever installed Disk Antivirus Professional on your computer. In most of the cases, it gets on its target PC through system's backdoors and then modifies it in order to start every time when you reboot your PC. Besides, it drops some harmless files that are additionally detected as malicious ones. As you can see, you must ignore Disk Antivirus Professional because it's a clear rogue anti-spyware, which seeks to create a need of its licensed version. It can also download additional viruses on your computer, track your browsing habits and cause other unwanted activities.

Disk Antivirus Professional is distributed by trojan horse, which gets inside the target PC through its backdoors. If you want to prevent such infiltrations, you are highly recommended updating security software as often as possible. Once it gets inside, this fake security application modifies the system and starts pretending to detect various security threats. As we have said, these viruses are invented, so you can safely ignore them. Here are some of these fake alerts that belong to this virus:

Disk Antivirus Warning
Your PC is still infected with dangerous viruses. Activate antivirus protection to prevent data loss and avoid the theft of your credit card details.

If you see this alert on your computer, you must ignore it. Besides, pay attention to the clearest sign that your PC is infected with rogue anti-spyware. You must remove Disk Antivirus Professional from your computer without any delay.

Stay safe,