Will I draw too much attention by wearing this? Can I use ruby red lipstick? Have I got the figure to wear this? Almost every woman in the world face similar questions daily since they are their worst critiques. But in fact, the way we think we look is very different to how other people views us. So how can we stop this confidence crisis? Well, you can begin by following 5 simple rules.

Get used to things you are unsure about

If you bought something, that you really like, but you are afraid of what your friends and colleagues will think about – try to wear that thing at home until you will get used to it and it won't bother you anymore. And this works for everything from clothes to make up. All you need to do is try!

Make no sudden changes

Well, of course if you don't want surprise everyone intentionally. Otherwise, if you are used to one type of clothes and want to change your look into another – try from changing accessories first: jewelery, bags, scarves, shoes, etc. This will help you and people around you to get used to your new look and you won't feel discomfort by pushing yourself too far our of your comfort zone.

Turn shopping into fun

While shopping, we all sometimes pass by some clothes and accessories that are “not us”. But how can you find what is best for you and find something new, if you don't even try it? So when shopping, try on something that usually you wouldn't even look at – maybe you'll find a new stunning look! Besides, it doesn't cost anything and it also might be fun!

Don't follow fashion blindly

Maybe it is too obvious to say that, but you always need to choose clothes and accessories that fits you and not just the trending ones. Because not all trends work for all body types and you may not look so stunning and fashionable as you might think.

Stop worrying about others

We all know the saying “don't worry about what other people think of you, because usually they don't think at all”. Whoever said it – it's a total truth. In fact, people actually notice us about third less than we think (even the people we know well!). So stop caring about others opinion, because the most important thing is how you feel personally!

Photo source: thefashionspot.com