Are you dreaming about long shiny hair? Do you want your hair to look healthy? But do you know what you shouldn't do to be able to have healthy, glossy perfect hair?

Try to avoid “pony tail”

The best way to keep your hair healthy is not to tie your hair at all and allow them to be loose because tied hair and head scalp feels are under a constant strong pressure and stretching which caused hair damage. But if you are in a deadly need to tie your hair, then try using different loose buns and braids. And don't forget to untie your hair when going to sleep!

Avoid caps and synthetic shawls

Everybody will say, that sun, wind and dust are damaging to hair, that's why it is advisable to wear hats, caps and shawls during summer. But despite this it is very important to allow your hair to “breath” and do not press them to the head scalp, so caps and synthetic shawls are not a good choice.

Don't brush your hair

Well, we are not suggesting not to brush them at all, otherwise it would be hard to deal with them. But you definitely shouldn't brush them constantly and without no need. It is said, that hair brushing stimulates blood circulation and fastens hair growth, but reality is that constant hair brushing causes hair damage and splitted hair ends.

Do not brush or iron wet hair

Even if you ironing plates package says that the product is suitable for wet hair ironing, NEVER EVER use in your wet hair, because wet hair are extremely fragile and they are easily damaged. Besides, even wet hair brushing is hazardous, so it would be wise not to brush or iron your hair until they're completely dry.

Do not leave hairspray in your hair

The best thing would be not to use any hairspray, gel or other similar products at all. But everybody have those cases then some hairspray is the only way to deal with your messy hair or to keep them stunning for all evening. But in these cases you need to wash your hair right after getting home to get rid of any damaging chemicals (just like your make-up). And definitely do not leave it till the next morning!

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