When someone is talking about Eco-friendly shoes from recycled plastic we usually imagine something similar to “crocs” style footwear or automatically assume that it is uncomfortable and only suitable for everyday look. And, I guess, nobody thinks about stylish, comfortable and nice high heels, which you can wear even during an important event and nobody will think that you look like a style mistake.

Well, it's time to dispel this myth, because one of the most famous Eco-friendly recycled plastic shoes manufacturer “Melissa” has launched new shoes collection, designed by 21th century fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld.

Like all other “Melissa” collections, “Melissa + Karl Lagerfeld” shoes are colorful, comfortable and playful. Besides, Karl Lagerfeld created models as always are very elegant and stylish. “Melissa + Karl Lagerfeld” collection contains four basic models with different color variations.

Photo source: melissa.com