Want to look stunning in a beach this summer? Looking for a new swimsuit ideas and latest trends? Need inspiration for new look? We hope at least one question you answered “yes”, because we've prepared lots of photos of this years most trending swimsuits!

Besides, you might already know the latest general trends for this spring/summer, but if somehow skipped them, you'll find more information here. Basic trends are the same – geometric figures, stripes, prints, retro look, bright colors, lots of flowers, ect. What's more? Just like last year, this summer mixing colors of your swimsuits top and bottom also will be very trendy.

What's new about the shape? Do you remember those high-panties swimsuits from old magazines? They are back on the track! Well, but you don't prefer that style – that's okay, because traditional triangle shaped swimsuits are still fashionable and even have a few new design variations. Okay, enough talking, it's time for pictures!

Photo source: fashionising.com