When loosing weight often friends and relatives give some advises about certain products, diet types, etc. And it's okay if it really works, but often these advises are being heard throw the grapevine and by following them you can not only have no positive results, but also cause some harm to your organism. That's why we decided to dispel most common myths about loosing weight.

Refusal of particular products

There is a myth, saying, that to loose weight you have to say “no” to some products and not to eat them at all. Do you know why it's a myth? Because if you'll forbidden yourself to eat some products that you really really like, then after some time you'll give up on diet and start eating those products again. Well, if you'll eat celerity, apples and carrots for a month then you'll achieve amazing results. And what's next? You'll start eating “normally” again and, therefore, gain weight. The main point when loosing weight is to count calories and the amount of food you eat. You can eat everything you want, just don't eat a bucket of it.

Get rid of your belly, fat legs, etc.

This is very popular nowadays – advices “how to get rid of fat from ….... body part”. But you know what? In reality you can't command or program your body to loose wight from particular body part only. The only thing that might help – paying more attention to those body part while exercising.

Products, that helps to loose weight

There are some king of products, that help to loose weight and in order to have better results – you have to use them. And.. That's a myth! Because body weight control depends not on particular products, but on the amount of food you eat and calories you burn. And don't forget saying, that “what's too much that's unhealthy”.

Late eating

This is probably the most common myth about body loss. The fact is that the time when you eat is not important, because what is important – the calories. Yes, “heavy” food before sleep is harmful for your organism and disturbs your sleep, but that has no effect on body weight. So, it doesn't matter when you eat – at midnight, in the evening, etc. All you have to do is to count how many calories you eat and how many you burn during a day.

Eating fat-free food

You should know, that these fats that you can find in the food don't become fats in you body. So there is no need to avoid fat food (just watch the amount of food you eat!). What becomes “belly fat” is saturated carbohydrate, which you can find in most of sweet, white grain and other products.

Photo source: abovethecrowd.com