Today nobody argues that little black dress is definitely a “must have” item in your closet. Why? Because it's elegant, simple and always classy. Besides, it is the most universal dress you can find, because it looks good during business lunch, when meeting friends, going to theater, etc. And it would be really hard to find something else that would remain as stylish as today even after five or ten years.

Well, every year there are some differences between little black dress designs, materials and textures, but they never get too far from classy and elegant look. Nowadays it's even popular to choose from different color variations – blue, gray, brown, ivory or even white (the last one now according to little black dress name is even called the little white dress). But classy black is still most popular choice.

It seems, that this dress will live through ages and won't fall out of the fashion heights. That's why you should have at least one. Why “at least one”? Because there are so many different design variations that it's difficult to choose one. Especially if you're looking for that “perfect one”. So, in order to avoid possible headache we advise to find some ideas and designs that you like and want.

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