Sunglasses are one of the most important summer accessories because it not only looks good but also helps to reduce sun harm to our eyes. Therefore, when choosing sunglasses it is important to find the ones that are not only comfortable but also suits you perfectly. Why? Because sunglasses are part of your image! So, what is important when choosing sunglasses? The most important things are your face shape, the color of your hair and skin complexion.

Face shape

This is the most important thing when choosing sunglasses or any other glasses because they can make your face look beautiful and perfect shaped or (if choosing wrong glasses), your face shape may look strange and unbalanced.

It is said that oval is the perfect shape of face, which fits almost every style of sunglasses. And that's basically true, but there is one important rule for people, who have oval shaped face – when choosing sunglasses, their width should be the same of just a little bit wider than the widest part of face. Also it is advisable to choose squared of rectangular shaped glasses which will give a bit more sharpness and lines to the face.

If you have a rectangular type face, then you should choose massive square shaped sunglasses witch will visually give a bit more width to the face and the face shape won't look too narrow. Another good choice would be sunglasses with relief decorations (flowers, hearts, etc.).

If your face shape reminds heart (or triangle), then you should avoid all massive and highly decorated sunglasses. Because all these sunglasses will give more “weight” to the upper part of a face, which is already wide enough. In order to avoid this issue, you should choose sunglasses with narrow and small frames.

People with squared shape faces need to choose sunglasses which would soften sharp edges. That's why you should avoid all sharply shaped sunglasses and instead of them choose oval shaped ones.

Diamonds shaped face is the rarest. If you have one, then you have narrow bottom of the head, wide cheek bones and narrow chin. Perfect sunglasses shapes for diamond face are wide, massive and highly decorated sunglasses, which will draw more attention to your eyes and visually will hide wide cheek bones.

If you have round face then you should choose sunglasses which would give more sharp lines to your face. The perfect choice would be narrow square sunglasses. But you should avoid too dark sunglasses with dark wide frames, because they will draw more attention to the roundness of your face.

Skin complexion and hair color

When choosing sunglasses it is important not only to look at the shape of your face, but also to take into account your hair color and skin complexion. That's why if you have fair hair you should avoid black and too dark sunglasses. And, therefore, if you have dark hair – too fair sunglasses might also look bad.

Another important thing is you skin complexion. So, if you have “warm” skin complexion (it's more pink, than blue) – you should choose sunglasses in “warm” colors: red, yellow, golden, brown, etc. And if you have skin complexion that is “cold” (rather blue than pink), then you need sunglasses which are “cold” colored: black, gray, silver, blue, purple, etc.

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