When summer heat reaches a peak we all start to find something that would help us to chill. Usually most people would choose ice-cream or cooled soft drink, but there other ways to chill that have better effect and it even last longer!

The truth is that ice-cream and cooled soft drinks unbalance body’s inner cooling organism and, therefore, the cooling effect of these products last just for a short period of time. That's why there are better ways how to chill.

Vegetables and fruits that contains a lot of water

Such vegetables like cucumbers or radishes that basically are made of water have the best possible cooling effect. And the same is with fruits which also contain a lot of water – watermelons, kiwis, strawberries, etc. So one of the best way to cool yourself during a hot day – eat refreshing fruit or vegetables salad or have a smoothie.

Green vegetables

It is said, that green vegetables (and, especially the leafy ones) helps our organism to cool of. Besides, all red and orange vegetables have the opposite effect – they warms up our body. So it is advisable during hot days eat a lot of green vegetables and avoid fried food.

Lime and mint

Lime is the second (after watermelon) most refreshing fruit. And it has better cooling effect that lemon. Besides, lime is even more refreshing with some mint, that's why it is advisable to use them together. So if you want to refresh yourself – try water with lime and mint. Besides, you can even add some strawberries to have more taste. Or, if you want more neutral taste, then you can try water with cucumber and mint.

Yogurt and curds

These to dairy products are also very refreshing. And they perfectly go together with other cooling products – fruits and vegetables, so you can use them in salads, grated cocktails, etc.


I know, this sounds strange, but onions also have good cooling effect. Although, red onion has a bit better effect that white ones, but for hot summer days any of them will work. So, feel free to use them in salads, on bread with butter, with meat or any other dishes.

Photo sources: weheartit.com