Let's face it, sometimes we all struggle with some difficulties while trying to get perfect makeup. It's even worse when we try to apply as little makeup as possible or at least to look natural and not like “I just painted myself a new face”. That's why we present you some useful makeup tricks which will help you to deal with these everyday struggles.

Perfect eyeliner

Guess this is the most common problem, especially when in a hurry – it's hard to get a really smooth eye contour. Well, it's okay if you still have time to fix that, but what if not? And how to get a perfect line at the first attempt? It's quite easy, many makeup artists suggest using easily removable tape: form the contour with it and then just apply eyeliner. That's it – your perfect eyeliner is done!

Naturally looking lipstick outline

It is advisable that your lipstick and it's outline color would match, but the truth is that this only works if you have opportunity to reapply lipstick every time it wears off. Otherwise you'll look like you forgot your lipstick and only used lip liner. Why? Because creamy lipstick lasts way shorter that dry lip contour. To avoid situations like this you should apply lipstick liner to the entire lips area or choose lipstick outline that is in similar color with your lips (just not lighten!).

Perfectly covered skin imperfections

When applying concealer to different skin imperfection and especially pimples, don't use your fingers (but everybody does that). Why? Because a soft makeup brush can get into smallest cracks of the skin and, therefore, it can cover all imperfections better that fingertips. For the same reason fluid concealer is a better choice that pencil type or others.

Naturally looking eyebrows

If you don't want to look like a girl with painted eyebrows and want to create a more natural look, then instead of choosing eyebrow pencil choose eyeshadow of the same color like your eyebrows. They will create a more natural but still perfect look. But if have very rare eyebrows, then a pencil is a better option. Just don't draw straight and smooth line and use short sketchy lines to create illusion of small eyebrow hairs.

Fresh looking face

If you're not a fan of blush and a lot of cosmetics but still want to add some more fresh look to your face, then you should have a very simple product – lip-gloss. We won't suggest you to use in all over your face, all you have to do is to use it in usual way – on your lips. The trick is to choose a color, that is brighter than your natural lip color and it's advisable to choose pink tones rather than nude.

Dealing with red eyes

Lack of the sleep, working on a computer, tiredness, etc. may cause a red eyes problem. The best way to reduce redness is to get enough sleep or to use some eye drops. But if you need somehow to hide your tired and red eyes quickly, then you can try a simple makeup trick. Take some white eyeshadow (mat, not shiny) or a white eyeliner pencil and use it in inner corners of eyes. This trick will make your eyes look brighter and not so tired.

Photo source: glossytimes.com