PortaldoSites.com is not a safe search engine at all, so if you use it in your daily routine, you should stop doing that. The main reason why we say so is that this website is closely related to browser hijacker, which modifies computers in order to make their owners visit this page against their will. In addition, site returns altered search results and reroutes users to those domains that clearly need to increase the number of their visitors. Of course, this is done for monetization. If you read the License Agreement on PortaldoSites.com, you will also see that its owners don’t forget to warn their visitors that they can be accidentally rerouted to the site, which promotes viruses. However, they don’t take any responsibility for that. If you have serious difficulties when visiting sites you want, you should run a full system scan and remove browser hijacker from your computer.

As we have said, people suffer from PortaldoSites.com redirects because their PCs are infected with browser hijacker. This virus can be downloaded in a bundle with freeware, shareware, spam or even malware. As soon as it gets inside, it changes some of PC’s parameters. Typically, it alters homepage and default search engine in order to make people visit PortaldoSites.com once they open any of their browsers.

Once again, we do NOT recommend ignoring that because PortaldoSites.com is an unfair search engine, which can push your PC into more serious danger. If you suffer from this issue, readPortaldoSites.com removal guide and start using your PC normally again.