British “Vogue” took a big step forward and signed “Equity” ten-point code which will guarantee better working conditions for “Vogue” models. This agreement is first of its kind among fashion magazines worldwide, but it is believed that it’s just a matter of time when whole fashion industry will follow the example of the world's most influential fashion magazine.

According to “Equity” ten-point code, models working for British “Vogue” photo shoots will no longer have to work for more than 10 hours a day and more than 5 hours without a break. Besides, during photo shoots models will have breaks to eat and rest (it may seem obvious and not so impressive thing, but reality is that models often work for 16-20 hours a day non stop and barely have time to eat).

Another very important thing is that models won't do any nude or semi-nude photo shoots unless they will be agreed in advance. Since quite open photo shoots are usual and common thing in fashion industry, usually they are like a “surprise” for model and there are not so many cases when models say “no” to this. Especially very young girls in the beginning of their model career. That's another point in “Equity” code – British “Vogue” will no longer hire girls under 16 year old for photo shoots representing adult models.

It is believed that this agreement between “Vogue” and “Equity” will revolutionize the way models are treated at work and will ensure better working conditions for them.

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