Most of us sometimes struggle with these problems – how to deal with perfectly done nails, how to be sure they won't peel off after few days (or even the next day) and how to make your nail look like you have just done your manicure. In order to help you with all these problem we prepared you some useful and simple tips you should follow.

1) Skip soaking your hands into water. It's true that the water softens the skin around nails and allows you to deal with it without pain, but it also makes your nails to become edematous and if you pain your nails while they're still not in their “normal” way, this will cause your nail polish to peel off after few hours. That's why if you really want to soak your hands into water, at least for an hour to allow your hands become completely dry.

2) ALWAYS use nail polish remover before painting your nails. Even if you haven't painted them before and there is no trace of previous nail polish. Why? Because there might be some dirt and oil on your nail that complicates nail polish adhesion. Nail polish remover will help to deal with this issue and will make your nail polish last longer.

3) Never forget base coat and top coat. These two are always a must, because they make miracles and allow nail polish last even for a week. Just don't forget to reapply top coat every two days.

4) Apply thin layers of nail polish and allow them to fully dry. This is one of the most important rules if you want to have perfect nails. Also you need to remember use no more that 3 thin layers of your nail polish, because otherwise it will never become completely dry and will peel off.

5) Apply nail polish to the tip of your nails to under your nails. For this step you can use transparent top coat to avoid any mess. This trick delays chipping from the outer edges and allows to have a perfect manicure last longer. Just like with the top coat – don't forget to reapply it every two days.

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