In the summer it's hard to resist the temptation to bronze your body. Some prefer to tan naturally in the sunlight, others prefer tanning beds or choose self-tanners to achieve their perfect shade. However, there are times when you accidentally end up with an uneven tan, whether it's from bathing suit straps, shorts or from uneven self-tan application.

One of the possible solutions is to try to whiten your skin (with cucumber, etc.), but this means that you'll have to say “goodbye” to your tan. But... There are other solutions which will allow you to have the tan you worked on and to remove all tanning mistakes. Besides, nowadays there are so many self-tanning and bronzing products, that it's very easy to at least temporarily hide uneven tan.

So where to begin? First of all, if you have few different shaped swimsuits you should wear only those who have similar shape. Otherwise it will be difficult to hide or even out differently tanned shapes on the skin.

Another important thing is that when you're trying to even out your tan in the sunlight, you should use sunscreen with higher SPF (45+) on those skin areas that are darker and sunscreen with lower SPF (10-30) to areas that you want to even out. Just be careful when applying sunscreen to the line where your tan ends.

Another way to even out tanning mistakes is by using body scrub. This is a very simple and quite fast solution, but it also reduces bronze tanned skin color and it becomes closer to your original skin shade.

If there is an emergency and you need to hide your uneven tan really quickly, then there are some tricks (I'm not talking about covering it with clothes). One of the trick is to apply some self-tanner to skin areas that are not tanned. But this must be done precisely. And it won't last long, because most self-tanners wash off during few days. If you don't have any self-tanning product then you can use bronzing powder, but then you'll have to reapply it every once in a while, because it may wear off because of clothes.

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