This summer we have bright and vivid clothes, shoes, nail polishing trends and... Makeup! Well, basically eyes makeup. Now it seems that this spring/summer fashion trends encourages everyone to be brave, creative and, most important, noticeable.

Last week we talked about new Chanel Inimitable waterproof mascara in bright colors: yellow, mint, electric and blue (article “Chanel Inimitable Mascara: Are You Brave Enough?“). It seems that this topic might be called the same – Are You Brave Enough – because latest eye makeup trends are as colorful and as brave as new Chanel mascara.

One of the latest trend is coloring your upper and bottom eye lids in different colors. And this involves not only eyeshadow but also eyeliner as well. It is also trendy to color not whole eyelid, but a bit above the eye cavity and leave other part of eyelid in nude.

Another eye makeup trend is to use pink, peach and lilac eyeshadow to create gradient look. But remember, that in this case you only need to color your upper eyelid and to leave the bottom eyelid line clear.

Besides, this summer you shouldn’t forget the rule, that you (as always!) have to choose between vivid eyes or dark lips. Besides, with all these very colorful trends of eye makeup it is advisable to leave other parts of your face in nude. No blush (well, or at least just a little bit of it), no lipstick or dark lip gloss and, as well, no contouring.

And don't forget to be brave and creative!

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