Summer brings us a lot of simple pleasures – warm weather, bronze skin, ability to wear light clothes and show off a little bit of your skin. But besides that summer heat may cause a lot of problems, especially if want to use makeup. So, is it possible to have perfect makeup during a hot summer day? Yes, it is! But... If you don't want to become a punk looking girl with black panda eyes you'll have to choose makeup products carefully and, therefore, know how to use them to get the best possible result.

Quality foundation primer

Perfect choice for summer makeup is foundation primer , especially the one that moisturizes skin. A good foundation primer makes miracles – it not only hides all skin imperfections but also removes the need of foundation. Summer makeup must be as light as possible so it is important to use few products. Otherwise your make up might ran of your face. Also one rule is very very important during summer - your foundation primer MUST perfectly match your skin color (just in case it wear off from some areas of your face).

BB or CC cream

Great alternative for foundation primer is BB or CC cream. They moisturize skin, blurs imperfections and also adds SPF filter to your skin. Besides, it's very light so there is less possibility that it might ran off your face. But it is advisable to apply only one thin layer of any foundation, cream with color, etc. because it will stick to the skin better.

Waterproof eyeliner

During hot summer days waterproof eyeliner is even more important for perfect look than eyeshadow. Why? Because eyeliner draws more attention to your eyes, they look wider and waterproof eyeliner stays on during hot summer days. Besides, nowadays there is a huge variety of different eyeliners in different colors, so so can use them even instead of eyeshadow.

It is important to say, that waterproof works similar to lip eyeliner – it's like a barricade for other makeup products that makes sure that other makeup products stay in place.

Reapply makeup

Maybe it's not want you want to hear when someone gives you tips how to have perfect makeup in summer, but reality is that nobody can be sure that they look stunning if from time to time they don't reapply makeup or don't fix something, that went wrong. You can skip this step just by using no makeup at all during summer heat or by not caring how you look like with suddenly turned gothic makeup or panda eyes.

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